The economic impact of the LVMH Group, notably in France, largely surpasses the positive impact of its business activities alone.  With our unique business model, a presence across the entire value chain, and its extensive production and retail resources, LVMH has a broad range of positive impacts on the economic and social fabric, both direct and indirect, as well as beneficial economic externalities.
LVMH’s business performance is joined by an extensive social, environmental and cultural engagement. Year after year, LVMH deepens its commitments through robust long-term policies, actively supported by all LVMH Maisons and their people.
Our performance also enables us to proactively support causes we believe are just. This commitment informs and indeed often exceeds the framework of our corporate citizenship responsibilities. 

* 2023 Figures

True business success stories are those that stand the test of time and contribute to buildinga sustainable society. At LVMH, and at ourMaisons, this is a longstanding conviction. It is embodied on a daily basis through our products, our commitments and all our actions

Bernard Arnault



LVMH asked the Asterès consulting firm to calculate the economic impact and all the socio-economic flows generated by LVMH in France.

LVMH’s business activities in France generated €58 billion in revenue: 1 euro of Group sales generates 1 euro of business activity in the rest of the French economy.

LVMH counts 39,900 employees in France, while the Group’s economic impact totals more than 214,300 jobs (full-time equivalent).  This means that each job at LVMH generates 4.4 additional jobs for the French economy.

In terms of tax payments, LVMH’s total  impact was €8.1 billion in France in 2023, an increase of 50% compared with 2019. This includes corporate taxes paid directly by the Group in France, as well as various production taxes and value-added tax (VAT).

LVMH Group exports in 2023 were valued at €23.5 billion, representing 4% of aggregate French exports of goods, making LVMH the 11th-largest French exporter.

LVMH’s total economic footprint in France represents 1.1% of French GDP.