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In the heart of Place Vendôme in Paris, Chaumet crafts jewelry that melds audacity and elegance. Combining tradition and modernity, the artisans of Chaumet’s High Jewelry workshop pass on their exceptional know-how to create masterpieces of lightness and movement, including the Maison’s famed tiaras. Chaumet’s emblematic collections are inspired by the multi-faceted personality of  Empress Joséphine, the Maison’s first prestigious client, who designated Chaumet as her official jeweler. Since the founding of the Maison in 1780, Chaumet’s timeless style has continually evolved with the times and influences of the world for more than 240 years.The first jeweler to set up shop on Place Vendôme in 1812, Chaumet has made this mythic nexus of Parisian jewelry its beating heart. Chaumet celebrated its 240th anniversary in 2020 with the inauguration of  its magnificently renovated address at 12, Place Vendôme. Bridging tradition and modernity, 12 Vendôme embodies the soul of Chaumet through three exceptional spaces: the boutique welcoming clients, the historic grand salons – notably the Salon Chopin – and the High Jewelry workshop, where dreams come alive….
The boutique at 12 Vendôme © Stéphane Muratet – Chaumet
At Chaumet, we are committed to sharing the values of excellence and passing on unique savoir-faire that have inspired us for over 240 years. We are proud of our exquisite craftsmanship – still practiced  at Place Vendôme, where Chaumet became the first jeweler to take up residence – as well as the distinctive Parisian elegance we have brought to prestigious customers over the ages. This rich heritage continues to inspire us as we innovate and move forward to offer our customers ever more contemporary and inclusive jewelry creations and explore exciting new possibilities and trends around the world.
Charles Leung, Chief Executive Officer of Chaumet © Jean-Luc Perreard

Charles Leung

Chief Executive Officer of Chaumet

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Visuals representative of Chaumet campaigns, products identity, and savoir-faire

Visuals representative of Chaumet campaigns, products identity, and savoir-faire

Bee My Love pendants, necklace and hoop earrings


Inspired by the multi-faceted personality of the Empress Joséphine, the Maison’s first grand client, each Chaumet collection evokes a distinctive part of her character.

With bold femininity, the Joséphine collection resonates with the Empress’s taste for fashion, proposing pieces with contemporary style, inspired by the tiara. The signature of the collection is pear cut gems, a favorite of Joséphine.

First introduced in 1977, the Liens collection offers jewelry rich in meaning, symbolizing the universal bonds that unite us. The collection is inspired by the love story between Joséphine and Napoleon, who commissioned Chaumet to craft his first ceremonial jewelry.

The emblematic motif of the Bee My Love collection is the graphic honeycomb, derived from the imperial bee. Refined to abstraction, these creations shine with mirror-polished gold set off by diamonds. The naturalist inspiration echoes the passion of the Empress for botanical wonders.
Joséphine Aigrette earring, Bee My Love, Jeux de Liens and Liens Évidence pendants, Joséphine Aigrette watch © Benjamin Vnuk


Combining exquisite craft and artistic inspiration, Chaumet has for 240 years nurtured a distinctive vision of creativity,  passed on over generations from one master jeweler at the head of the High Jewelry workshop to the next. Virtuosity extends beyond simple know-how, expressed through an ineffable grace infused with soul that makes Chaumet jewelry truly unique. In the High Jewelry workshop at 12 Vendôme, right from the sketch to the finished jewelry, jewelers, setters and polishers bring jewels to life. Time is the unifying element in the Chaumet equation. A single piece can take artisans nearly 2,000 hours of meticulous work.Chaumet virtuosity is above all a human adventure, a story of shared talent and collective creation across the design studio, the workshop and expert sourcing of gemstones.The art of drawing is central to the creation of each piece, accompanied by a variety of settings that celebrate the beauty of each gemstone and heighten its brilliance. Metal dissolves in a quest for lightness to magnify the stones thanks to the fil couteau technique. Chaumet elevates the art of color to its apogee, fusing emotion and excellence. Chaumet’s virtuosity allows technical prowess to disappear behind a sensation of miraculous lightness.
L’atelier de Haute Joaillerie du 12 Vendôme © Thomas Deschamps


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