The LVMH Group and its 75 Maisons – alongside their employees, partners and stakeholders – are committed to creating and embodying a form of luxury that is as sustainable as it is desirable.
The Group adopted quantitative targets for its environmental and social commitments.




As the custodians of the Group’s long-term vision, the board of directors makes social and environmental matters an integral part of its strategic considerations. It guides the Group with a long-term view, monitors risk management policies and ensures that both shareholders rights and duties are upheld.
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The Group has chosen to make use of specific skills and departments with specialist expertise to establish tailored strategies a set of principles and methodologies, and action plans. Each Maison adapts them to their own culture issues and social and geographic context, while respecting the Group’s ethical principles.

The Board-level Ethics and Sustainability Committee defines LVMH’s broad policy as regards social and environmental responsibility. The Social Responsibility Department and the Environmental Development Department then turn that policy into principles, methodologies and action plans, which each Maison adapts to the issues it faces.

LVMH’s ESG Committee works with the Group’s operational departments to support and coordinate efforts to achieve strategic targets regarding LVMH’s social and environmental responsibility. Each year, environmental and social targets become increasingly integral to LVMH’s staff compensation arrangements.

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1990 - 1999

  • 1992

    Creation of the Environment Department after the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit

  • 1998

    Earning of the ISO 14001 environmental certification by Hennessy


LVMH remains committed to making progress on and working each day to find better solutions to the many environmental and social challenges we and our industry face.

LVMH provides information on its performance with complete independence and transparency. In addition, the Group completes certain questionnaires from independent ratings agencies where there is no risk of conflict of interest.

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